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Patti Walbridge

Virtual Marketing and Business Management since 1989

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Marketing and Acapella Barbershop Singer



A generation of phone work and internet sourcing experience

You can have the best business or website but if nobody knows you exist, it's worthless.  I work on a personal level, designing phone and emails to increase viewers, information requests, appointments and sales.   I'm professional yet relatable.  Among the skills I've mastered are the ability to read people very well over the phone, the consultative and soft sell.   

We define ourselves by our careers and I love helping people find work they believe in.  I've recruited in the medical field and for education.  I currently work with a global executive marketing firm.

I've worked remotely from a fully functional home office since 2004 and managed marketing clients since 2007.  I speak with executives, fellow entrepreneurs regularly.

Customer and partner relationship management 

Public Relations 

New Business Development 

Assist in market analysis for targeting

 Develop customer base from existing relationships and networks, new product offerings

 Cross selling, tracking sales leads

Why should you hire me?

I'm excited to help business succeed.  I understand that sales, customer service and PR go hand in hand today. 

You want each connection made to be high quality. I also understand sales is a numbers game. Depending on the product or service, many contacts may need to be made in order for a lead to be created. I will do my best to not only be honest with you but since I want your business to succeed, if something isn't working, I'll be the first to tell you